International Week of Happiness at work

Halsa Wellbeing Happiness at Work

The last week in September (25th-29th) is International Week of Happiness at work.

We spend so much of our time at work that it is really important to be happy!    Happiness at work should be a top priority for Organisations so think about how you could support your staff during that week. You may want to run some on-line webinars to support staff wellbeing, you may want to create time to talk or host a healthy lunch.  If you need ideas, speak to us.  Try find some time to think about your team and their happiness generally but perhaps give it a spotlight that week!

Find out more about International Happiness at work week here:  International Week of Happiness at Work – join us! Sign the manifesto

For ideas about how to support your staff and their wellbeing, arrange a call with one of our friendly team: [email protected]

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