• Escape Everyday Pressures

    We focus on changing and controlling what you can rather than things you can’t, allowing our clients to escape everyday pressures and have ‘a moment in time

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  • Experts in bespoke Wellbeing Services across the UK

    We deliver Wellbeing Solutions to restore and protect the mind and body. We have categorised these services into 4 key areas: Feel Well, Think Well, Sleep Well, Eat Well.

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Unlimited access to our Wellbeing Support Library which includes short videos and crib sheet guides with quick fixes on how to SLEEP WELL, EAT WELL, THINK WELL and FEEL WELL.


We provide remote wellbeing services for corporations and individuals


We provide accessible, affordable Wellbeing Services across the UK. From a one-off day to a full year’s strategy


Integrated wellbeing services can have a huge impact in care settings and can really complement the provision which a lot of organisations already have in place.

Hälsa Wellbeing Solutions

We deliver Wellbeing Solutions to restore and protect the mind and body. We have categorised these services into 4 key areas: Feel Well, Think Well, Sleep Well, Eat Well.

Less is more

Our ‘less is more’ approach is designed not to make Wellbeing a time-consuming task but to provide individuals with more energy, to be more efficient and to get more from their professional and personal lives.

Escape Everyday Pressures

We focus on changing and controlling what you can rather than things you can’t, allowing our clients to escape everyday pressures and have ‘a moment in time’.

Hälsa Wellbeing Bespoke Solutions

We also provide bespoke solutions, so if something is not detailed here, please do let us know and we can work with you to come up with the best Wellbeing Solutions for your Organisation.

What People Say About Us

Emma and her team at HÄLSA Wellbeing carried out a wellbeing event at Innogy Renewables, Dolgarrog, which showcased various wellbeing activities including information on stress management/resilience/mindfulness, workshops regarding back pain and sleep and inflammation, nutrition and sleep. Colleagues were really enthused and enjoyed the event, and all were able to take something away from the day. Emma and her team were very professional but also had a great sense of humour.

At Derian House Children’s Hospice, working with the team at Hälsa has enabled us to offer our children, young people and families complementary therapies, including massage and Reiki. For families going through very difficult times, this new service has already proved popular for helping them to relax and de-stress.

The feedback we’ve had from our families has been incredibly positive, with people commenting that Emma, Charlotte and the rest of the Hälsa team are professional and accommodating with a personal approach.

Working with Hälsa has allowed us to provide a valuable support service to our families at Derian, which they really do appreciate.

During Mental Health Awareness week we supported Capita Customer Management by running a range of activities around the themes of Think Well, Feel Well and Sleep Well. The engagement from staff was fantastic and here is what Capita thought about the week and why they use HÄLSA WELLBEING to support them with their wellbeing plans for staff.

During an event at Workplace Leeds I gave a talk telling the story of my mental health journey. This wasn’t something I had done before and was quite an emotional experience, afterwards I was fortunate enough to be guided to take part in a meditation session run by Halsa. The meditation took place in a small group and in two parts, firstly some breathing exercises and then a body scan. The breathing exercises really helped me to calm my mind, and then I was able to really engage with the body scan. The scan included rooting the feet to the floor and letting the body flow in the breeze, I was able to visualise the experience really easily, something I often struggle with. The meditation was a huge help to feel both more stable and centred and to be able to be present for the remainder of the day. A very pleasurable and grounding experience.

18 months ago I burnt out. There have been many changes in my life since, but managing my mental wellbeing is an ongoing trial and error process. Helping to organise and run Workplace Leeds Summer Chill and Winter Warmer events is part of rebuilding my confidence but is very intensive. It’s therefore great that Halsa are there. I make sure I attend their meditation session mid-way through the events. Taking time out to focus on breathing and peaceful visualisation calms my racing mind, grounds me and helps me continue my role in a more balanced healthy manner. I thoroughly recommend giving it a try in the middle of a busy day!

We have had a focus on staff wellbeing for a couple of years and Halsa Wellbeing has helped me to identify areas that we wanted to improve on and provide us with ideas, whether that was taster massages to finding your inner mojo!. They have been very professional and accommodating in working around our needs and I would highly recommend them as a source of knowledge and inspiration.

Emma and her team at Hälsa Wellbeing devised and delivered a tremendous health and wellbeing event for us here in RWE. It was the first time we had undertaken such a comprehensive event which involved providing mental wellbeing and nutrition advice as well as back massages for the staff on site. The feedback we received was excellent and the team all stated they gained a greater understanding of how they can improve their own health and wellbeing in the workplace.

We have been working with Hälsa for the past 18 months since our new Family Support Centre opened in February 2015. Emma Avhede, Owner of Hälsa Wellbeing and her team of therapists are invaluable in providing support to our families. We have a team of 5 wellbeing therapists, they are all consistent in their approach and provide both a professional and personable service. I cannot recommend Emma and her team highly enough; nothing is ever too much trouble, they are supportive, professional and adapt to the ever changing demands of our organisation. The feedback from both families and staff who have received wellbeing treatments from the team, has been, and continues to be outstanding. Hälsa is an integral part of our service delivery and Emma’s team are a real credit to her. Thank you for all your support in ensuring we can deliver the best support to families’.

Emma Avhede, the owner of Hälsa Workplace Wellbeing runs a weekly clinic at the Cygnet hospital providing a variety of holistic therapies to our patients. The treatments help patients to focus on their general wellbeing as well as the various physical and psychological benefits these sessions provide. Emma also supports them with general relaxation techniques including breathing and stress management.

These therapeutic sessions complement the work we do within the therapy department and they have a significant impact on patient wellbeing and rehabilitation. Emma’s approach and interactions with the patients is positive and non-threatening, enabling the most anxious to feel relaxed. Emma listens without being judgmental and without exception all have enjoyed and benefited from their experience. The only worry….being discharged before their next appointment!

• Very enjoyable experience, made better by the professionalism of the therapist.
• I was made to feel very “at home” and found myself relaxing immediately, which was a nice surprise given how stressed out I was that morning!
• Please pass on my thanks
• Really enjoyed the session with the added benefit that it reduced the discomfort I was suffering from sciatica.
• It was great to be able to take 10 minutes out to relax and have a nice bit of treatment too. I felt much better after the foot and leg massage. :0) I would certainly use the facilities again for different kinds of alternative therapies

Emma Avhede and her team at ‘Hälsa’ were a delight to work alongside, very professional, exceptional masseurs with a great sense of humour. All feedback was excellent; some even said it was the best massage ‘ever’!

I would really love to work with this organisation again. August 11, 2011

Shipley College have worked with us on an annual basis since this feedback.

We have been working with Halsa Wellbeing since July 2021 and in this time, the team have provided us with fantastic workshops to offer to the health and social care staff in our region. The virtual bitesize sessions have been positively received, engaging different types of staff groups with some even returning with regular bookings. The 30-minute workshops are a perfect length for a busy health worker to ensure they are taking care of their own wellbeing. The HWB team have attended some of the sessions and the team delivering the sessions are completely engaging and professional. They provide us with plenty of resources post-session and we have commissioned them for another programme in 2022 which we are looking forward to.

We commissioned Halsa to provide a range of sessions designed to support and enhance our staff offer of emotional health and wellbeing at place to all staff. I have found them to be very responsive tailoring to our specific needs often at short notice. The added benefit had been their commitment to offering extra support at specific integrated groups highlighting data gathered which could be used as a needs analysis and therefore guide planning moving forward. I was very impressed with the quality of delivery of the sessions which staff took so much from. The evaluation reporting was very comprehensive and swift, and displayed the added value that Halsa brought to our endeavours around staff emotional health and wellbeing.

We are delighted to be working with Halsa who have supported us with a comprehensive programme to support a number of different staff groups from those experiencing menopause symptoms to men’s health information, advice and exercise as well as to colleagues who are desk-based and need to look after their MSK health and wellbeing in particular. The team have been incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and flexible in tailoring services which has enabled Humber, Coast and Vale to offer great health and wellbeing support to our health and care colleagues.

Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust were looking to work with a locally based provider of wellbeing solutions to restore and protect the mind and body of our colleagues.

Halsa Wellbeing were able to provide immediate support and wellbeing to our colleagues remotely through challenging times. A variety of dates and times were available to ensure the wellbeing sessions were easy to book and accessible for all of our colleagues who work a range of shift patterns.

Halsa Wellbeing were flexible with their offering and worked with us to provide a range of wellbeing pillow boxes for every colleague at CHFT.

We are excited to continue to work in partnership with Halsa Wellbeing into 2022.

We have been working with Halsa on our menopause programme since 2021 and they have worked with us in a variety of ways to raise awareness of the menopause and support those experiencing it. We have commissioned Halsa to deliver a programme titled MenoYOU which consists of a range of bitesize menopause sessions designed to support not just those going through the menopause but partners, families and colleagues too. The programme also includes a closed Facebook page and resource platform which Halsa regularly update. Halsa have also attended as speakers, event facilitators and stallholders at our Menopause Festival in October 2022, Menopause Conference in March 2023 and Eyes on you events in 2023 and provided a great support to those experiencing the menopause with amazing feedback received from our staff. We have found Halsa to be responsive, friendly and the work they deliver is of exceptional quality. Halsa are always happy to tailor our programmes to our specific needs and are always on hand to answer any questions. The team have an extensive array of knowledge in this area allowing us to create bespoke, informative sessions for our staff and their compassionate nature is always evident when they are delivering sessions. Halsa have also provided products such as ‘sleep balm’ which our colleagues have highly recommended to others.

“I have had the privilege of working with Emma and Charlotte from Hälsa for the past 8 years, and I can confidently say that their commitment to compassionate care and professional excellence is second to none.    They are experts in their field, they go above and beyond, and are always looking for new and innovative ways to support the development of services.  The supportive environment they provide for their team and us as a client makes working with them so enjoyable, and I am grateful for the positive impact that together we have been able to make on lives of the families we support.”

“We worked with Hälsa for four years bringing complimentary therapy and wellbeing to our children, young people and their families at Derian House.

During this time, Hälsa really took the time to understand and develop therapies within our hospice setting. They provided us with knowledgeable, caring and experienced therapists who understood the physical and emotional demands for child and young people with life limiting conditions and the impact on the family as a whole.

The feedback provided was incredibly positive and demand for complimentary therapy was high. Hälsa helped us to offer support to families at times when they needed it most.

We found  Hälsa  to be approachable, professional, supportive and always available regarding any queries. They adapted services through the COVID-19 pandemic to help us maintain links and care with families.

We cannot thank  Hälsa  enough for guiding us through the development of therapy services and in turn improving our offer to the children, young people and families.”

February 2024

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