Our Wellbeing Service

We provide accessible, affordable Wellbeing Services across the UK. From a one-off day to a full year’s strategy. Our experts are ready to deliver a bespoke range of services designed for your workforce, budget and needs.

How We Can help

Please contact us to discuss your business needs and see how we can help. Leave the ideas, problem solving, advertising, budget and logistics to us. We know you have enough to do already.

Employees Wellbeing

Ensure the sustainability of your business by taking care of your Employees Wellbeing. Learning simple habits and techniques to improve one’s level of Wellbeing has a direct impact on their Mental and Physical health.

4 key areas

By focusing on 4 key areas THINK WELL, FEEL WELL, EAT WELL, SLEEP WELL, we can educate employees to improve and maintain their own wellbeing, enhance their energy levels and experience accessible relaxation solutions whilst at work.

Eat Well


One of the most valuable things you can do as an Employer is to educate your staff about healthy eating.

Lifestyles today are busy and stressful. It can be difficult to keep healthy habits and it is easy to neglect the importance of looking after ourselves and making good food choices.

We offer a range of Nutrition services which address the most common issues we see within the Organisations we work. These range from the challenges of working away from home, to how to plan healthy lunches + snacks.   Services include:


and also more bespoke solutions with aftercare packages to assist employees to make real lifestyle changes and stick to healthy habits.

We give employees simple solutions and strategies which they can continue to use at work and home.

Please contact us for our full brochure and also ideas about interactive sessions to run as part of Wellbeing Days.

Feel Well


Regular ‘On-Site Chair Massage’ and ‘Acupressure Massage’ can really benefit an organisation.

A simple and low-cost solution is to look after your staff and reward them with a Mind and Body Reset in the form of an On-Site Chair Massage. The results will speak for themselves………

We also offer a full range of Therapies which include: Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage, Sports and Deep Tissue Massage. Myofascial Release, Pregnancy Massage and Reiki

Large quantities of employees can be treated by providing multiple therapists to your site.

Our treatments do not require the removal of clothing making them suitable for the workplace.

Some of the results from on-site massage and complementary therapies we see are:

  • Increased morale and loyalty of staff and clients
  • Better concentration and efficiency
  • Pain relief for some stress related/musculoskeletal conditions – i.e. headaches, neck and shoulder discomfort
  • General feeling of wellbeing and being cared for

Feel Well



Yoga is ideally suited for Wellbeing Events or as a regular provision. It is accessible to all levels and abilities, along with being fun and very interactive. Yoga can help to release stress, headaches, backaches and improve concentration.

Participants will relax and restore themselves using yoga-based techniques. The sessions can also include some “self-help” exercises.


These sessions are designed to make those attending “feel good”. They are easy and fun to follow through, without being draining. Clients will feel energised, fresh, and healthy. A session usually includes:

  • Corrective exercises to improve posture
  • Low-intensity activity to energise the body & mind
  • Cool-down routine to leave clients feeling fresh & radiant

This is good for supporting employees with handling the demands of a busy professional life.

Sleep Well


It is estimated that £40 billion is lost each year by the British economy due to sleep deprivation.

Research published in July 2016 by Hult International Business School suggests improving employees’ poor sleep may not only boost their health and wellbeing, but may give businesses a competitive advantage.

Harder to switch off

Reports indicate we are reaching a sleep epidemic as it becomes harder to switch off from the working world at home. Poor sleep not only impacts an individual’s performance, judgement and concentration, but it is also believed to contribute to depression and anxiety.

Hälsa Wellbeing Support

Our workshops aim to support your staff to understand sleep, why it is important, and to give them tools and techniques to improve sleep. We also run workshops for shift workers and provide advice on nutrition and sleep.

Think Well


Workplace Wellbeing

Mindfulness practice and Resilience techniques have a beneficial effect on health, productivity and team cohesion.

Hälsa Wellbeing here and now

Mindfulness is very much about learning ways to slow down, pay attention to the present moment and finding the time and space to attend to what is here now rather than the past or the future.

Leaders and teams

Resilient leaders and teams are positive, focused, healthy and integrate well the demands of work and life. By investing in Resilience training, you will enable your staff to perform well at work without compromising their health.

Wellbeing training sessions

We run a variety of Mindfulness and Resilience training sessions and we will work with you to ensure that what we deliver for you is bespoke.

Wellbeing tools

Your teams will learn tools that will help them as an individual, as leaders/team members and as people in general coping with the stresses of working life.



Our client wellbeing events are typically used as rewards to staff and are a unique way to say “thank you” to your employees.

We also run wellbeing events to support conferences and as part of team building days. A typical event will include a range of holistic therapies, wellbeing services such as yoga, mindfulness, nutrition and workshops.

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