Designed Personally for your Organisation

Here at Hälsa Wellbeing, we believe that wellbeing shouldn’t be time-consuming or difficult for Organisations. You can still look after your people in challenging times and we can help you create a strategy and deliver your activities – leaving you to focus on your own key priorities. Whether you need support with a one-off event, or for a full year, we can help.

Wellbeing is now more important than ever

But it doesn’t have to be difficult to deliver, even in these ever-changing times.

In a perfect world, we would all feel, eat, think and sleep well. With the stresses and pressures of everyday life, the reality is often different. More recently Covid-19 has had a huge impact on every aspect of our lives and we have been working hard to support our clients with their wellbeing in the areas of: Work, Home and Family.

We have you covered from start to finish!

We make implementing wellbeing services simple for you. From our experience we understand the time, budget and resource constraints for creating wellbeing solutions.

We support our clients with booking systems, full evaluations and resource pages to meet the needs of your organisation.

Feel Well

Self-Care/Relaxation Classes

Our Relaxation and Self-Care Sessions are designed for all levels of fitness and are safe and easy to take part in. The session begins with a short relaxation exercise which focuses the breathing to calm the body and mind and then a very gentle stretch and warm up to mobilise the joints and gently stretch the muscles. The focus then moves to self-massage/reflexology points techniques to aid overall relaxation and reduce any muscle tension. The end of the session will then re-focus on some guided breathing work to aid overall relaxation and a sense of calm.

Postural Awareness Webinars

These live webinars look at:

  • Anatomy and posture
  • What postural awareness means
  • The work impact
  • What you can do – self help

Stretching & Relaxation for Office Workers Sessions

  • The session supports staff who are sitting for long periods of time
  • A de-stress focus including gentle stretching, mobilization and relaxation breathing.

Breathe Webinar

This live Webinar looks at:

  • The science and art of breath work
  • Understanding our habits of tension
  • Learning to breathe again

You will learn simple strategies to help you feel calmer, increase your energy and think more clearly at work and at home. 

Movement Classes

  • Movement for Positivity Class
  • Movement for Relaxation Class
  • Exercise for “Non Exercisers” Class
  • Yoga/Yogalates/Pilates Class
  • Chair-based Yoga Class
  • Bollywood Zumba

These live classes are designed to support staff with a simple routine and take away exercises.

HIIT Workout

High-intensity interval training is a training session made up of a series of fast bursts of exercise and is a great way to boost your overall health.

Personal Training Class/Weights Classes

During this session, your Instructor will work with you to design a weight training/resistance programme tailored to your needs that you can do safely at home. These sessions will help you to support yourself in achieving your goals.

Women’s Health

A live Webinar offering advice and support for the key health issues Women can face.

Men’s Health

Men’s Body Aware – Webinars themed to a particular health issue. For example testicular/prostate cancer aware.

Blood Pressure Aware

A live Webinar which explores understanding your numbers and preventative measures to support you to stay in control and make healthier choices.

Using Yoga Techniques to Relax and Improve Sleep

Live session focusing on Yoga Nidra techniques which helps your nervous system to fully relax, let go and re-set. Yoga Nidra techniques can help to ease exhaustion, calm anxiety, induce better sleep and balance the busy, adrenaline-fuelled state we often permanently live in.

Reflexology for Period Pain

Join us for this live session which demonstrates simple Reflexology and Self-care techniques to support you with period pain and discomfort. The techniques will empower you so that you apply self-care when you need it to aid relaxation, reduce discomfort, balance hormones and soothe anxiety.

Energising morning Facial Massage

Invigorate the senses and enliven the face in this short, energising self-massage session.  Simple but effective techniques will be demonstrated to help you wake up in a relaxed, mindful way whilst boosting circulation, helping you face your day with a fresh, revitalised appearance and mindset.

Melt Away Stress

Take a mindful moment of self-care in this short, soothing self-massage session.  Designed to reduce stress and release tension from the jaw, forehead, brow and temples.  Take away some simple and memorable techniques allowing you to hit pause and re-set, even when time is limited.

Headache Release

Take a short, mindful moment of self-care to empower you with some simple and memorable techniques to help soothe headaches, migraines and release tension from the head and scalp. Acupressure, self-massage and reflexology points will be demonstrated to empower you with a range of choice in this self-care, interactive session.

Self Care for Carers

Staff will take part in some simple self-care routines so they can develop a broad selfcare toolkit to support their wellbeing. We will explore how to make self-care accessible, create some structure around self-care routines and form healthy habits in relation to self-care, helping staff to work to their optimum level in care-giving roles.

Caring for YOU

Staff will learn to focus on their own selfcare . They will review how they are currently living and working and learn steps to really focus on their own self-care.

Think Well

Mindfulness Webinar/Mindful Meditation Classes

We will look at how to use simple Mindfulness Techniques to support you. This will include practical tips and advice about how to use techniques to reduce stress, anxiety and worry.

Stress & Resilience

Gain an understanding of Stress and Resilience. Learn tools that will help you to stay focused and cope with life’s’ challenges

Mental/Emotional Health Awareness

Learn more about mental health awareness, its impact, and take away tools and tips to manage your own mental health

How to look after yourself during the Covid-19 Pandemic Webinar

A Live Webinar which covers: Self-care/getting outside Nutrition + healthy eating/managing stress + building resilience

Working at Home Webinar

A Live Webinar which covers: Work/home boundaries, willpower and productivity, loneliness and collaboration Support structures and stress management techniques

Managing Digital Burnout

Faced with a barrage of emails, phone calls, texts, Facebook updates, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn and more advances by the day, we are overwhelmed with the instant and immediate rather than important and longer term. Technology is here to stay so learn how to work with it mindfully to gain a balance in your life. This live Webinar will support you to manage issues such as working at home/managing fatigue, concentration and focus.

How to make Healthy Habits Stick

If you have ever tried to start a new ‘Health Kick’, Self-Care Routine, Exercise Plan or Diet you will know that often our Willpower falters within the first week and our good intentions quickly fall by the way side. In this session, we use the latest knowledge on Habits transformation to understand why Willpower won’t work. We will explore how sustainable life change can be created using simple habits. You will learn why bad habits are so easily formed, particularly in times of stress. This session will leave you feeling inspired and with a clear plan on how to break your desired bad habits and how to create and stick to new ones.

Managing your Thoughts

Have you ever wondered why your inner voice can be so destructive, cruel and unkind? We all experience unhelpful thought loops to some extent and many of us find these loops have become a habit. If you experience excessive nervousness or worry, mild anxiety, over thinking/over analysing or negative self-talk then this session is for you! Or maybe your mind just talks you out of things you actually want to achieve, then this session is also for you! You will learn 4 steps to control your thought loops and gain control over how you think and subsequently what you want to do.

One to one Support

We provide sessions in:

  • Talking Therapies
  • Wellbeing Coaching
  • Work Coaching

Support for Children/Family Support

  • Talking Therapies
  • Resilience for Teenagers
  • Group Sessions for Children

Working and Parenting during Covid-19

A Live Webinar which covers:

  • Home education
  • Running the home and keeping the family well

You will take away key strategies to address some of the issues we face at home & juggling responsibilities.

Finding Calm during Covid-19

A Live Webinar where we look at stress, depression, burn out & key challenges such as:

  • Family issues – home education, home management & looking after each other
  • Loneliness and quarantine
  • Keeping our minds healthy
  • Strategies to help you manage your mental health, all the responsibilities of home and work, and hopefully find some calm during this turbulent time

Breathwork for Managing Stress

Live session designed to give you a scientific understanding of the power of your breath, awareness of the effects your breathing has on you and the knowledge to enable you to use simple techniques to alter your physical, mental and emotional state, whenever and wherever.

This session will specially focus on stress and offer techniques to help you learn how to:

  • Reduce emotional reactivity
  • Reduce stress
  • Calm anxiety

Sleep Well

Managing Sleep during Covid-19 Webinar

Restful sleep is the source of more energy, wellbeing and health. The high demands of everyday life, stress and time pressure can lead to sleep deprivation due to difficulties in falling asleep and sleeping through the night. This Webinar will support you to understand the science of sleep and provide tips for a better night’s sleep.

Sleep for Shift Workers Webinar

This online webinar adds to our introductory sleep session and details the issues that shift-workers can face with their sleep, the negative impacts that shift-working can have on people’s physical and mental health and provides a range of strategies to optimise and protect sleep whilst working on rotating shift patterns.

Reflexology for Sleep

A soothing self-care session demonstrating some simple but effective reflexology techniques to calm and soothe the senses helping you to unwind, promoting calm and peaceful sleep.  Perfect to do before bedtime, or when a moment of calm is required.  Focus is placed on calming the Central Nervous System, soothing the mind and relaxing the upper body to restore, deep and relaxed breathing.

Eat Well

Eating well at work & on shift patterns

Eating well when you don’t have much time is a real challenge. It is so easy to grab a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps and look for food that will get you through that shift! During this webinar we look at simple ways to support you with food planning and ideas when working shifts or being at work with limited cooking facilities. We also look at the importance of hydration and how to look after yourself nutritionally during periods of challenge and stress.

How to plan well @ home and feed your family well

We all know that we are only as good as our preparation when it comes to food at home. This webinar will cover how to “batch” cook when time is limited in the week and look at ways to make things easier for you when food planning at home. We will also focus on the family and how to encourage healthier eating in children and all family members.

Cultural Cooking & the link to Wellbeing

This session explores the links to Asian food and wellbeing. We look at the nutritional benefits of foods which are frequently used in Asian cooking and look at some simple ways of bringing Asian style food into your weekly menu for all the family to enjoy.

Immune System Support for Winter

Our immune systems are crafty well-oiled machines. Even though we may feel a little out of control given recent events, we can make a few changes to our diets and habits so we feel like we are doing something positive to keep well and care for others. This Webinar will help you to gain an understanding of the link between your immune system and nutrition and how to support your immune system during the winter months.

Winter Hydration to support the Immune System & aid Sleep

This live Webinar looks at the Immune system and the link between hydration & Immune system support. We also focus on stress & inflammation, sleep and hydration ideas for winter.

Spring Hydration

We often forget that we can use hydration as a nutritional aide.  During this Webinar we will look at tips to support inflammation in the body and learn how to boost your immune system via hydration as we move away from winter and into spring.

Nutrition and Mental Health

Everyone is feeling the impact of what we are dealing with and it can take its toll on our mental and emotional health.   This Webinar looks at the link between what we eat and our mental health.   You will leave with some basic tools and tips to manage your own mental and emotional health via what you eat.

Emotional Eating Webinar

Do you see yourself as an Emotional Eater? Many of us find ourselves turning to food to cope with the stresses and challenges of our often ‘too busy’ lives. Whilst this may give us a temporary relief, it can leave us feeling guilty, ashamed, that we lack will power, and wondering why we can’t control our eating habits.

In this webinar we explore why we emotionally eat, what the triggers are, the psychology behind emotional eating, and why fighting it doesn’t work. We share practical tips for overcoming emotional eating “in the moment” and some longer-term strategies as “food for thought” – pun intended!

Join us for an inspiring exploration of this fascinating topic and learn more about what emotional eating might be trying to teach you.

We also run bespoke sessions so whatever nutrition or hydration issue you would like to focus on – we will design a session for you.

Fancy something different?

If you fancy something a little different have a look at our Alternative Wellbeing Page which has lots more sessions for you or your organisation.

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