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Thank you Paperworks!!

Like many businesses, we had to pull out all our creative stops when the Pandemic hit as we had no way to reach our clients with our normal face to face model. Our Wellbeing First Aid Kits were still in their infancy but the idea quickly grew legs. We designed and developed Wellbeing Kits and […]

Managing your Digital Usage

Day 4 of Mental Health Awareness Week, and Rebecca has just delivered our Webinar on “Managing Digital Burnout”. Here is some food for thought?!   https://vimeo.com/548802151  

Dealing with Anxiety

Here are a couple of exercises to support you with any feelings of Anxiety you may be experiencing:   Calming anxiety meditation: https://soundcloud.com/halsawellbeing/anxiety-meditation/s-7LHJY3ahe0c   Breathing for anxiety: https://soundcloud.com/halsawellbeing/anxiety/s-xSH6iSftMu7  

Mental Health Awareness Week

We kicked off Mental Health Awareness week by delivering our new session “Making Healthy Habits stick” for Candlelighters. Here is a speedy 5 min taster on how you can put some of these Habit tricks into spending more time outside: https://vimeo.com/547427468/c1b3a1e7fd

International Women’s Day

This week we are supporting Siemens Gamesa with a range of Wellbeing Webinars for International Women’s Day. It is inspiring to see an organisation supporting their staff in this way.    

Galloper Offshore Wind Farm

During December we supported Galloper Offshore Wind Farm @ Harwich with their wellbeing day. Remote sessions were held in Sleep, Working @ Home and Nutrition. Staff were really engaged in the sessions and took away key tips and habits to support them during the Winter period.

RWE Renewables @ Gwynt Y Mor

During December we supported RWE Renewables @ Gwynt Y Mor Offshore WindFarm with their wellbeing day. Remote sessions were held in Sleep, Looking after yourself during Covid-19, Stress & Resilience and Relaxation. You can still provide wellbeing support to your staff even if they are not all working in the office and this was a […]

No Blue Monday

On Blue Monday in January we worked with 2 of our clients to provide remote wellbeing support. Luther Pendragon in London focused on how to boost your mood and productivity whilst working at home. RWE supported staff with Looking after yourself during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This was part of a wider Wellbeing day looking at […]

Supporting RWE Supply & Trading GmbH

During February 2021 we supported RWE Supply & Trading GmbH with Webinars in:  Managing your Mental Health during the Pandemic. During this live Webinar we looked at the real picture of how Covid-19 has impacted our lives and how staff can implement some key strategies to help them manage their mental health, all the responsibilities […]