Designed personally for your organisation

Here at Hälsa Wellbeing, we believe that wellbeing shouldn’t be time-consuming or difficult for Organisations. You can still look after your people in challenging times and we can help you create a strategy and deliver your activities – leaving you to focus on your own key priorities. Whether you need support with a one-off event, or for a full year, we can help.

Wellbeing is now more important than ever

But it doesn’t have to be difficult to deliver, even in these ever-changing times.

In a perfect world, we would all feel, eat, think and sleep well. With the stresses and pressures of everyday life, the reality is often different. More recently Covid-19 has had a huge impact on every aspect of our lives and we have been working hard to support our clients with their wellbeing in the areas of: Work, Home and Family.

We have you covered from start to finish!

We make implementing wellbeing services simple for you. From our experience we understand the time, budget and resource constraints for creating wellbeing solutions.

We support our clients with booking systems, full evaluations and resource pages to meet the needs of your organisation.

Connection Session

As organisations adapt their working environments to ‘the new normal’, there is an opportunity for work teams to find deep levels of connection through Singing. This session contains exercises which focus upon different facets of connection, and leave teams with a renewed sense of rapport and purpose.

Financial Wellbeing

This webinar looks at Financial Wellbeing and the link between stress and finances. We explore methods to combat financial stress and look at ways to build financial resilience and setting realistic goals for the future.

Sensible Drinking Webinar

This Live Webinar looks at sensible drinking and understanding your own limits. We look at key habits to stay in control and explore help and guidance
and healthier alternatives to alcohol.

Live Chat

We run Live Chat Sessions for Wellbeing Questions. These work well as stand alone sessions or as part of a Wellbeing Day/Week.

Pride and LGBT History

This session will look at a brief LGBT history with things like Stonewall Riots as well as looking at the modern-day Pride and LGBT events. Individuals throughout history have lived radical private lives outside the accepted sexual and gender norms of the time. However, LGBTQ history is often hidden from view. Expression of same-sex love and gender non-conformity has been constrained by both repressive social attitudes and criminal persecution.

LGBT Inclusion

Inclusivity in the workplace is important, with changes to attitudes and legal rights in the recent years it should be easier than ever to be inclusive. This session will cover language, assumptions, legislation and how to be a good ally.

Supporting LGBT People in Your Workplace

This session is predominantly aimed at people in managerial or supervisor positions, however this is open to everyone who is interested.
It will cover LGBT support and organisations that are able to support LGBT colleagues, why understanding LGBT issues is important as well as LGBT terms, language, gender terms, rights and responsibilities as well as giving you the knowledge you need to promote inclusion in the workplace.

Grief Support Session

This session looks at creating a supportive environment to talk about grief and loss.  We look at how to look after your wellbeing during a time of grief and loss and strategies to support you to manage the different stages of grief.  We also try to give you an  understanding of what you can do when things become very intense for you.

This session will be run in a warm and caring manner and aims to create a safe space to look at managing grief.

Invest in Yourself.  Timeout! Improve Your Working Day

Working from home? Love it or hate it there are always improvements you can make to your day. Take an hour out to invest in your most important asset – you! You will learn how to implement boundaries between work and home life. Improve your willpower and productivity. We will also explore how you can combat loneliness and improve collaboration. You will leave with a clear plan of how to build a brilliant day working from home and with some essential lifelines for those days when it all goes wrong!

Managing Stress & Building Resilience

Ahh so many buzz words in this title! But what does stress actually look like for you? And how do we stop it taking hold when we can’t change what may be causing it? In this very practical session we explore what stress is and why it occurs. We will look at the adverse effects of stress and when it causes a problem and explore the physical, mental and habitual changes you experience when you are stressed. You will understand why it is important to recognize these changes, review the mechanisms that can be deployed to lower your stress response or increase your response (what to start and what to stop) and understand how these mechanisms can be built into your daily routine in the form of habits to make you more resilient.  You will leave with a clear idea of how you can make small changes to your daily routine in the form of ‘habits’ so that you can continue to improve your resilience in a meaningful and practical way.

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